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PVC Plastic Keychain Making Machine (LX-P800)

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  • Product Model LX-P800
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PVC Plastic Key Chain Molding Making Machine (LX-P800)

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PVC Plastic Keychain Molding Making Machine Advantages

1.PVC dispensing machine
2.Fully automatic operation
3.Dripping process programmable
4.Energy and labor saving
5.CE and SGS Certifications
7.high speed
8.suit for multiple-colors
9.easy to operate

PVC Plastic Keychain Molding Making Machine Main Futures

1.Full-automatic processed by PLC, operate easily and accurately

2.Three axis(X.Y.Z) easy installation, easy operation, foreigners even can install and run the machine with our manual and English instruction without Chinese specialist coming.

3.Max 8 colors to work at one time, there is no time interval between color change so as to improve the high efficiency result

4.One worker can operate several dripping machines and molds at one time. 12 dripping heads can work 12 cavities at same time and also can work 4 cavities with 3 different color. One machine can save 4-6 workers.

5.12 fast button can run 12 different design at same time very easily and fast.

6.Heavy weight with 350 kg can work with highest speed at 800 mm per second. 

7.Eight different procedures to choose from the touching operate button. Produce 8-20 products in the same color at one time

8.Higher precision with +_0.01 mm and big capacity memory card with hundreds of procedures stored in total, every time you can choose 4 of them to be remembered by the operate plate and no need to reset the procedure

9.Without drop and leak and cost saving time and labor saving, an experienced technical can operate 3-4 machines at the same time

10.It is equipped with logo shop software freely for programming and it can work with all data setting and image edit and machines link adjustment.

11.Different workable size for choice and suitable for a wide range of products

PVC Plastic Keychain Molding Making Machine is used for the soft PVC product such as keychain/ Photo frame/ key chain /luggage tag /key covers / lighter covers/mouse mat/ hair clip/ brooch/refrigerator magnets/ coasters/ bar mat/ table mat/car mat/bottle opener/ anti slip mat/ USB flash disk cover/ card reader cover/ mobile phone straps / mobile phone holder/mobile cleaner/ mobile phone cover/ file clamp/lanyards/zipper puller and many kinds of PVC label used onto garments, shoe, bags, gifts etc

Features and operation
1.Labor saving, improve the production efficiency, one automatic dispensing machine can replace 4-6 skilled workers, one worker can operates several sets machines, greatly saving labors, some workers can do as dozens of workload, cut down the production phase. Solve the problems of labor shortage, more hard for practiced hand, hard manage, plant cover large, high input cost
2. Special software, easy operation, multi-needles multi-colors, dropping accuracy. 8-12 colors(can extensible to 16 needles), multi needles can dispensing at the same time.
3. High precision, fast and liquidity walk in arc, three-dimensional. Coordinated system control, the precision can be 0.01 mm, the products it produced is very stabilized, the products present of pass can over 99.9%, can improve the working efficiency 200-800%.
4. High stability: adopts CNC engraving machine rack construction technology, the materials adopts cast iron and granite, the rack will not be out of shape in 5-8 years, adopts original imported screw rod, electrical equipment, moving stability and reliable, low failure rate.
5.Automatic dispensing machine operation guideline: to make the dispensing machine working in high efficiency, must do as follows:
(1) worker: using our dispensing machine, is to liberation the workers out of the boring and repeat dispensing training part.
(2) The workers main job is changed from dispensing and drying mold to control the machine production. The workers just need careful, strong sense of responsibility, the workers can take up

PVC Plastic Keychain Molding Making Machine Specification

Model No.: LX-P800
Type: 4/6/8/12 color
Work Journey: L650*W400*H70MM

L1200*W1000*H1500 mm (Packing: L1280*W1120*H1670 mm)

Weight: 350 KG
Power: 1000 W
voltage: 220 V
Transmission Method: Ball screw

Our service
Pre sales:
1. Provide free solution for your production with suitable machinery combination.
2. EX-work price with most competitive strength.
3. Enjoy Endurable quality of machinery and professional training service.
4. Visiting our factory for checking or training is welcome.
1. Warranty: 1 year.(except man made damage and consumables parts)
2. Free installation & training service.
3. Life-long free maintenance service.

1Q:Can you provide technical support?
A: Selection to provide comprehensive technical support, and free technical training.

2Q:What if the machine are defected after we get the machine?
A: One year warranty , Life-long free maintenance and 24 hour online consulting, solution will provided within 48 hours.

3Q:Why choose Lixin Machinery Co.,Ltd.?
A: Our products with more than 30% energy saving. Highest Cost effective environmentally. Excellent pre-sale and after-sale services.
4Q:Are customized products accepted?
A:Your idea, your choice, we design, we make, Lixin Machinery to be your factory.

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